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Pereira Gray D, Sidaway-Lee K, Johns C, Rickenbach M, Evans PH. Can general practice still provide meaningful continuity of care? BMJ 2023;383:e074584. (read it on the BMJ website here, although it is not open access so a BMA or University log in is required). This article discusses whether continuity can still be provided in modern general practice- we think it can and have examples of practices where it is!

November 2023 Analysis article on continuity makes the cover of the BMJ


June 2023

Analysis article on measuring continuity published in the BJGP

Pereira Gray D, Sidaway-Lee K, Whitaker P, Evans PH. Which methods are most practicable for measuring continuity within general practices? Br J Gen Pract. 2023;73(731):279-282. (read it on the BJGP website here, although it is not open access, so a RCGP or University login is required)

This is an analysis article about measuring continuity, looking at which methods are most useful and meaningful for use within general practices. .

December 2022

RCGP Lifetime achievement award for Prof Sir Denis Pereira Gray

Congratulations to Sir Denis on receiving this well-deserved award!

May 2022

Evidence to Inquiry on the Future of General Practice

Dr Kate Sidaway-Lee gave evidence in person to the Parliamentary Select Committee Inquiry on the future of General Practice. Professor Sir Denis Pereira Gray and Professor Philip Evans also submitted written evidence. The report by the Health and Social Care Committee was published on the 20th October 2022. It includes a detailed section on continuity of care, recommending measurement of continuity and personal lists.

May 2022

Editorial on Personal lists published

Pereira Gray D, Sidaway-Lee K, Evans PH. Continuity of GP care: using personal lists in general practice. Br J Gen Pract. 2022; 72 (718): 208-209. (read it on the BJGP website here)

This is an editorial about personal lists which attempts to explain what they are and to describe how they are currently being used in British general practice.

February 2022

Collaborative article


Delgado J, Evans PH, Pereira Gray DP, Sidaway-Lee K, Allan L, Clare L, Ballard C, Masoli J, Valderas JM, Melzer D. Continuity of GP care for patients with dementia: impact on prescribing and the health of patients. Br J Gen Pract. 2022 Jan 27;72(715):e91-e98.  (read it on the BJGP website here)

We worked with colleagues at the University of Exeter on this article. This study identified two important new outcomes associated with greater GP continuity: in the patients studied those who were able to see their GP consistently had 35% less risk of delirium and 58% less incontinence.

A major output of the project, and emerging from the many discussions we had with practices and with other project teams, is our Guide to Personal Lists.

This document sets out why we think personal lists are the logical way to improve continuity and provides some suggestions on how practices might introduce and manage personal list systems.

January 2022

Guide to Personal

Lists Published on 

RCGP website

The project report for the Continuity Counts 5-practice project was submitted in June 2021 and has now been published on the Health Foundation website. The project has a section on the Health Foundation website and the report can be viewed here.

Autumn 2021

Continuity Counts

Project report on

Health Foundation


Sidaway-Lee K, Pereira Gray D, Harding A, Evans P. What mechanisms could link GP relational continuity to patient outcomes? Br J Gen Pract. 2021 May 27;71(707):278-281.  (read it on the BJGP website here)

This article looks in detail at some of the potential mechanisms which might allow GP continuity to lead to improvements in various health outcomes for patients. 

May 2021

Our article published

Pereira Gray D, Freeman G, Johns C, Roland M. Covid 19: a fork in the road for general practice. BMJ 2020; 370:m3709 (read it on the BMJ website here)

This editorial, with two of our team as authors, discusses how general practice can retain its core values of personal medicine and continuity of care during a time when it has undergone an unprecedented amount of change.

October 2020

Our article published

October 2020

Project restarts with meeting of the Advisory Committee

Following a pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Health Foundation took the decision to restart all projects. A meeting of the project advisory committee was held as a video conference with representatives from all practices in the project.

The project will need to adapt to suit the current circumstances. Unfortunately, face-to-face seminars will not be possible but we hope to hold a similar number of virtual ones. We are exploring ways to continue with patient surveys in a safe and effective format.

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