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At these workshops we will present the evidence from continuity research and chair discussions on how to improve continuity of care.


There will be six workshops for all GPs within each practice who are either partners or who hold lists. These give GPs an opportunity to learn more about continuity research and discuss their own experiences and ideas around continuity.


A series of six workshops will also be held for the administrative staff in all five practices. Since they are often the first point of contact for patients, they are very important in increasing continuity of care. Again they will have the chance to learn a bit about the research and share ideas and experiences around continuity.


There will also be a series of workshops for patients, hopefully organised through the patient participation groups and patient representatives for each practice. Patients will also hear about and discuss the research on continuity. They will also have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and experiences. This page has information about how patients at the participating practices can get involved.